"What the heart conceives the mind believes and the body makes it happen"

Elizabeth Mansfield is quickly establishing herself as one of the most effective, understanding and informative and fun experts for helping clients lose weight with no dieting and no trying. 

She achieves this by using mind programming techniques such as hypnosis and NLP to help 'diet addicts' and 'weight loss junkies' change their behaviour in more productive and effective ways with minimum effort and maximum results

The result is to enable long term yo yo dieters to realise how to use their mind to control their body, rather than the usual dieting technique of using their body and hoping, by default, that they'll be able to change (and slim) their mind.

Elizabeth's techniques came about through personal use.  She lost more than 28lbs, and has kept it off, since she created this no dieting and no trying weight loss plan for herself a few years ago.  Her eating habits have changed for good and she no longer worries about her eating in any way.

Since then, and due to her incredible success she now helps others achieve the same,  if not better results! One client lost a staggering seven pounds in a week and another claims that her attitude to food has changed and improved for life.  (For more testimonials click here)


If you know you have issues with, or want help with a particular challenge you are facing with regards to weight loss then professionally recorded hypnotherapy recordings are available (as well as via amazon and iTunes).


For those seriously interested in losing weight and also needing or wanting group support there is a small, and elite membership group that exists for those looking for in-depth and personalised help in a supportive and non-judgemental way.  This deals with the key areas of weight loss - along with practical applications, solutions and hypnotherapy sessions for overcoming them.


The ultimate solution is one to one sessions.  These may cover complex eating behaviour such as bulimia, compulsive eating or virtual bariatric (gastric band) surgery.


"How To Lose Weight In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day" Online Audio and Video Course



Unlock the Door To Your Ideal Size and Shape with a Downloadable Course, Written Material, and 5 Hypnotherapy Recording



Elizabeth Mansfield explores the relationship between positive thinking, hypnosis and weight loss.  How does it work?





"I found Liz’s course really effective.....  It made me feel very aware that losing weight was in my control and would happen when I made the right choices during my everyday life.  In spite of Christmas I lost 8lbs over the following weeks!"

Emma Pryse-Jones

"I'm feeling very positive about going forward and making positive choices about my eating habits.  The course has installed lots of positive thoughts in myself.  I would definitely recommend it to others."

Tina Ivatt

"Try this and change your outlook on food and eating, but be prepared for a totally different relationship with food!"

Louise P

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