People often ask me why I give away free hypnotherapy tracks when other people charge for them.  The truth is simple... My workshops, courses and personal sessions are highly effective but very expensive!

That's fine if you are fortunate and have plenty of money.  Yet most people simply can't afford to benefit.  So I wanted to find a way for you to experience my help from the content of my courses without it costing you a small fortune!

"Because I understand what it's like to get caught in that trap of putting on more and more weight, I want to help you break free - forever - so you can live the life you deserve!"


"I was really nervous before the course and positive afterwards.  It helped my self belief and empowerment.  I would very much recommend the course to anyone looking to stop making excuses and take control of their weight issues."
Karen Maly

"Try this and change your outlook on food and eating, but be prepared for a totally different relationship with food!"
Louise P

Firstly, do not buy this now if you're not serious about losing weight.  You see, my technique builds a series of easy stepping stones.  At times some of the steps may seem remarkably simple but in combination these easy steps combine to create a powerful effect that literally helps you to re-wire the way you think about food.  One of my clients once remarked that these 'Jedi mind tricks really have a profound effect'.  Yes, they do!  It's easy when you know how.
This isn't some magic lotion or potion.  When you buy this course I guarantee it will work but you need to fully engage with the process, complete the exercises and put into practice the strategies and methods that I reveal.  If you don't lose weight, I want to refund your money!
The fact is, you will lose weight and that's why my courses and hypnotherapy tracks are so popular.  Because in reality what is losing weight worth to you?  For some people losing weight literally transforms their life - now how much is that worth?!


"I'm feeling very positive about going forward and making positive choices about my eating habits.  The course has installed lots of positive thoughts in myself.  I would definitely recommend it to others."
Tina Ivatt

"Go for it!"
Megan Ducker

As part of this innovative programme you get to listen to, and then engage with a real life client of mine as I take her through a version of the No Dieting and No Trying two part course.


You’ll not only get the value of my Seminar Workshop — you’ll also have powerful tools you’ll keep referring to and using over and over again.


You will learn the importance and POWER of the mind, how to understand and BREAK the habits of the past, MOTIVATE yourself to change, MAKE those changes and then ACT on your new belief system to make it STICK.  


You’ll find yourself being far more aware of what you’re doing, how, and why.  You’ll also learn some really useful tips and techniques for how to change your eating patterns of old – while learning far more powerful and beneficial new ones.


As part of the package you’ll receive:

Six fast-moving CDs covering the first part of the course

A 66-page guidebook that goes hand in hand with the CDs for you to work through the course too, do all the exercises and really put those changes into place

2 hypnotherapy CDs, “Taking Control of Your Goal” and “Understanding Hunger” will help to cement your learnings from the course

You will learn how to CHALLENGE you old way of thinking, DESTROY any of your old excuses, DISCOVER the amazing power of your own internal resources and then use these new found skills to tackle issues such as emotional eating, getting motivated to exercise and how to cope in food and eating situations that you would have found a challenge in the past.  


You’ll finish the course feeling refreshed, recharged and wondering why food has EVER been an issue!


As part of the package you’ll receive:


A further six fast moving CDs covering the second part of the course

An 80-page guidebook that goes hand in hand with the CDs for you to work through the course too, do all the exercises and really put those changes into place


2 further hypnotherapy CDs, “Stop Emotional Eating” and “Easy Exercise” to install new improved ways of behaving into your subconscious mind.


A further FREE hypnotherapy CD, “Behaving Like A Food Angel”, which allows you to prepare for certain situations that you may have found challenging in the past (e.g. eating out, going to a party, going shopping etc).

And the best thing? A cast iron 100% money back no risk guarantee. If you

purchase these products and fail to enjoy, learn from, or lose weight from it

just let me know and I’ll refund your money.

If you want to get started straight away, sign up for our online digital version of the course right now, today.

All the information, workbook and recordings will be sent to you to download

– straight to your own PC.

No waiting, No Fuss, No Effort – just IMMEDIATE access to this empowering

and life changing course!  And all for only $347

(That's about £215)

Yes!  I Want to BUY IT NOW!

"OK so it sounds great!  But what do I get?" I hear you ask.

Before you buy, take a look at these previews...

PREVIEW 1 - Sample from Part 1 of the Guidebook (PDF)

PREVIEW 2 - Sample from Course CD 1 - 'Start Here!'  (MP3)

PREVIEW 3 - Sample from Hypnotherapy CD - 'Stop Emotional Eating' (MP3)

100% Money Back "NO RISK" Guarantee

And the best thing?  A cast iron 100% money back no risk guarantee. If after 30 days you fail to enjoy, learn from, or lose weight from it just let me know and I’ll refund your money.

(That's about £215)

No Fluff No B.S. Simple Time Proven Techniques To
Help You Lose The Weight You’re Struggling With!

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