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$9.99 (MP3)

Lose Baby Weight Now - Hypnosis

Did you think you'd spring back into shape after having a baby - and haven't?

Maybe you overindulged while pregnant and are struggling to shift the extra

weight? Are you horrified with your post pregnancy body?  Or perhaps it's just

been a while and you'd love to get your body back to some sort of 'normal'.

Whatever your challenge this unique hypnosis is designed exclusively for YOU,

someone who has undergone pregnancy and childbirth.  Helping you gain focus

and motivation, change your eating habits and ultimately allowing you to become

the best mother you can possibly be, whatever your weight.  Easy and effortless

weight loss.

     Track 1 - Introduction / Hypnosis - 24.54                   $9.99

                                                                           (MP3 Download)


$9.99 (MP3)

Wedding Day Weight Loss - Hypnosis

Is your big day looming?  Are you worried about how you'll look and feel?

Perhaps you're already panicking about the photos that may haunt you forever?

Fear no longer.  This powerful hypnosis is specifically designed for YOU,

a forthcoming bride who wants to get motivated to lose weight and look

amazing in your dress, needs help changing your eating habits and wants

focus so that you can prepare your mind and body for your perfect day.

This solution is effective, effortless and the perfect relaxation after

stressful wedding preparations too!


     Track 1 - Introduction / Hypnosis - 25:08                   $9.99

                                                       (MP3 Download)

$9.99 (MP3)

Shhh... A Lady's Secret to Lose Weight - Hypnosis

Are you starting, in the middle of, or already passed the menopause and

struggling to lose weight?  Perhaps you think you can never be the

size and shape you want to be, ever again?   Maybe you're just sick to death

of dieting and it not working.

Help is here at last.  This powerful hypnosis is designed exclusively for YOU,

and will help you shed those middle aged pounds, change your eating habits

and increase your confidence - easily, effortlessly and quickly.


     Track 1 - Introduction / Hypnosis - 25:02                   $9.99

                                                                           (MP3 Download)

Stop Emotional Eating - Hypnosis

Are emotions getting the better of you?  Do you eat first and think later?

Maybe you get upset or angry and head straight for the biscuit tin.  Whatever

your challenge this hypnotherapy recording will help you establish, resolve and

then change your negative patterns of behaviour, so that you can at last, finally

be free of emotional eating.


     Track 1 - Introduction - 1:21                   $9.99

     Track 2 - Hypnosis - 25.50               (MP3 Download)


$9.99 (MP3)

Perfect You - Make Your Weight Goals Stick - Hypnosis

Have you been dieting so long you've forgotten what normal eating is like?

Maybe your dream size and shape seem so far away you think it's impossible. 

It's not!  With this hypnotherapy recording you will connect so powerfully with

your goals that creating the path to your perfect weight will be the easiest thing

you've ever done. 


     Track 1 - Introduction - 1:21                   $9.99

     Track 2 - Hypnosis - 24.31               (MP3 Download)

$9.99 (MP3)

$9.99 (MP3)

The Stop Solution - Stop Yo-Yo Dieting, Snacking and Big Portions - Hypnosis

Have you become addicted to diets thinking the 'next one' will solve your weight

problems? Do you often snack when you're not hungry just for the sake of it?

Maybe you eat more than you need and feel full and bloated during or after

meals? Stop it now! To learn the tricks of easy, effective and permanent weight

loss you need to understand your own body.  This hypnotherapy recording will

help you do just that.  Get a hold on your behavior, stop unhelpful eating

patterns, achieve a natural, normal and healthy weight and stop dieting - forever!


     Track 1 - Introduction - 1:21                   $9.99

     Track 2 - Hypnosis - 24.26               (MP3 Download)

Easy Exercise - Stop Excuses and Enjoy Getting Active - Hypnosis

Do you hate exercise?  Maybe you want to lose weight and know that exercise

will make it happen faster but lack the motivation.  Have you ever started an

exercise regime and then failed to stick to it?  Solve this problem now.  With

regular listening this hypnotherapy recording will help you plan, focus and yes,

even get excited about exercising!


     Track 1 - Introduction - 1:21                   $9.99

     Track 2 - Hypnosis - 22.44               (MP3 Download)

$9.99 (MP3)

$9.99 (MP3)

Food Angel - Make the Right Food Choices Automatically - Hypnosis

Do you know what you should do to lose weight and yet still struggle to stick to

your decisions? Have excellent plans for food choices and then fail to follow

through? Maybe you wish you could behave like a thin person but just don't know

how to do it.  Whatever your concerns about weight loss this hypnotherapy

recording will help you work out your challenges, focus on what you can do about

it - and then make it happen, easily and effortlessly.


     Track 1 - Introduction - 1:21                   $9.99

     Track 2 - Hypnosis - 25.08               (MP3 Download)