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The cheapest and quickest way to get started

... is to enrol on my membership programme.  Extremely competitively priced at only $10 per 

month (more than 50% cheaper than some sites!) you will have full online access to a whole number

of resources, including podcasts, videos, reports, hypnotherapy download, teleseminars, interviews

and personalised emails encouraging and motivating you to succeed.  


And remember, because this is unlike any other “diet” plan (because it isn’t about dieting!) the

information you access will be focussed mainly on how to use your mind more effectively to help you

achieve the results you so want and deserve.  That’s not to say that I’ll be encouraging you to eat

chips and chocolate – I definitely WON’T! 


However, I will be helping you to anything you fancy, in moderation and finding it EASY to leave


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