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"I've so much more motivation, confidence and a deeper level of understanding than I had

before.  Do I think someone else should do this? Definitely!"

Eliza Hillford


"I did the first part of your course back in 2009 after using a lot of other diets.   Since then

I've lost all the weight I wanted - and most importantly, have kept it off!  With your help I've

reduced my portion sizes and now really notice what I'm eating and stop when I'm full.

When I'm shopping I now even check packets of food to find out what's in them before I buy

them, whereas before I wouldn't have even thought about it and then wondered why I was

putting on weight!  I listen to your hypnotherapy whenever I need or want to and find your

voice really calming and relaxing.  Thank you for all your help."

Megan Ducker

"I found Liz’s course really effective in getting my head into "the zone" to be ready to lose

weight.  It made me feel very aware that losing weight was in my control and would happen

when I made the right choices during my everyday life.  In spite of Christmas I lost 8lbs over

the following weeks!  I made choices to not snack, to eat porridge for breakfast and make

soups/salads and stir frys more part of my weekly diet..because they are healthy/nourishing

foods.  Keeping a food diary helped too.. so I could be aware of what I had actually eaten.  I

now see eating as a way to nourish the body and something I should do/deserve because

food is "fuel" for the body and a very important way to look after ourselves..or for me to look

after my self.  Some foods make you feel good..others taste good but actually make you feel

lethargic and sloppy.  I choose the foods which make my body feel cared for and fuelled, and

with Liz's help I can now do that easily!"

Emma Pryse-Jones

"Dear Elizabeth, Hi ! thank you very much for sending me the MP3.I liked it very much.Hope

that I will be getting good results , after listening and following the things that you have

suggested. I am very thankful to you.  regards, Sarika.  INDIA"

"The course is great and I highly recommend it.  I attended the course with an open mind

and left feeling very positive about my attitude to food and towards achieving my goals."   Laura Aitken

"I'm feeling very positive about going forward and making positive choices about my eating

habits.  The course has installed lots of positive thoughts in myself.  I would definitely

recommend it to others."
Tina Ivatt

"I was really nervous before the course and positive afterwards.  It helped my self belief and

empowerment.  I would very much recommend the course to anyone looking to stop making

excuses and take control of their weight issues."

Karen Maly

"Try this and change your outlook on food and eating, but be prepared for a totally different

relationship with food!"

Louise P

"Having been on several diets in my recent years I was quite sceptical about the new and

different approach to losing weight that Elizabeth recommended.  It sounded feasible - but I

didnt know why and I wasnt sure how it was going to work - if at all! 

The actual course was very interesting, easy to follow and everyone enjoyed it. Many topics

were covered and in a very fun and unassuming way. Why talking about food and learning

when to acknowledge when you were hungry or just eating because food was there was

going to make a difference seemed a very tall order. HOW WRONG I WAS!!

I lost 10lb really easily and now - 4 months on from attending - I am still losing weight

without really trying. Listening to the cd's/ipod download was crucial for me to stay focused

in the first few weeks and to remember the simple logics of what I had been told. Food is

now a pleasure and by choosing the foods you really like you tend to eat less! Even shopping

in the nice food halls is more fun as I am tempted by the flavours of nice foods and look past

the "quick fix" selections.

I am so pleased that I met Elizabeth and took the time to listen to her new approach. It has

been a total lifestyle change for me and my relationship with food. Something that I just

couldnt believe would have happened.

Anyone who is not sure - give it a try - you have nothing to lose (apart from weight) and

everything to gain from a new outlook to life and living. Many thanks for changing my life."

L Hall

"Ater trying fad diet after fad diet and still not shifting the poiunds the thought of which diet

to try next became very boring and tiresome, not to mention frustrating.  In my initial

consultation with Elizabeth she helped me to identify what my key problems with fodd and

dieting were.  Form there, she directed my sessions to suit me personally. 

I have had four sessions with Eilzabeth and lost 6lbs already!  Hypnotherapy has helped me

to control my cravings, stop me snacking and generally become more healthy. 

I would definitely recommend this as an easy and effective form of weight loss.

It is the only form of weight loss that I have ever tried where you do not have to think about

what you are eating, you automatically reach for the right sorts of food.  You could spend

hundreds of pounds attending diet clubs, only to lose the weight then put it straight back on

again, whereas this subconsciously helps you to maintain a healthy approach to eating which

stays with you for life.  I feel a lot more confident thanks to Elizabeth."

Samantha Ducker.

"It's so weird that a course about weight loss hasn't touched on dieting! Instead I've learnt

so much about how I think about my food and how I'm in control of what, and how much I

eat.  Thanks Liz!"

S. Rooke

"This has been much better than diets or slimming classes.  It's been a new way of learning

about food rather than just paying to get weighed and feel bad about yourself.  I've learnt a

lot about how thin people think and loads more too.  I'm looking forward to putting it into

practice and getting thin again!"